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Why Choose In-Dog-Neat-O Grooming Studio for your pet?

Let me start by saying skilled groomers are the Renoirs and Picassos of the dog world. We are artists in our own rights. This is why I am not an A la Cart groomer. I believe my dogs are my canvas, a well stretched high quality material to create my artwork on; not a piece of unfinished plywood.

I’ve attended proper schooling and have been working in the animal care and grooming field for 30 years. I have completed countless years of continued education programs which include grooming and providing the safest and cleanest environment for your beloved pet.

Al la cart groomers and big chain grooming facilities simply bathe and cut your dog’s coat. However, if you need services such as plucked ears, anal glands checked, toenails filed (not just cut), conditioning treatments (facials or special shampoos), these are not free.

Most groomers charge anywhere between $10 – $40 for these services. I believe when your dog is being groomed, all of these services are vital for for the condition of your dog’s coat. Most importantly, your dog’s overall health is my top priority.

Our blueberry facial is a light exfoliant to help clean a smooth coated dog’s face as well as a dog with a thick heavy beard. I suggest you take your time while visiting our website. It’s incredibly informative. Understanding our services and pricing structure should bring peace of mind when dropping off your dog at In-Dog-Neat-O.

Answering the Phone:

For the safety of your pet we will not answer the phones if we have a dog on the table or in the tub, so PLEASE take the time to leave us a message so we can get back to you ASAP.


Every single dog has different needs and therefore prices are based on several things, such as Coat, Style, Condition, Difficulty/Temperament, Special Requests, etc… Our prices are also based on the 30 years of experience, quality of care , our facility, and the quality of products we use. Your pet(s) are worked on one-at-a-time which means all of our attention is on your pet. None of our 4-legged clients are sitting in a cage for 4+ hours.

Confirming Appointments || Texting Now Available

You can text your comments & questions to the (603) 601-2728. However, please don’t use this # to confirm appointments!

Any upcoming appointment notifications will be distributed using email and text messaging.

You MUST respond to either the text message or email (or both) to confirm your appointment. If we don’t receive your confirmation on the morning of your scheduled appointment, I will do my best to contact you. If I have to leave message and don’t hear back from you within 30 minutes of this confirmation attempt, I will have to cancel your appointment and reach out to those who are on our waiting list. Please reach out should you have any questions. Thank you for your continued business!

COVID-19 Policies & Safety Procedures

Masks are Required

  • I will be working alone which means the doors will be locked at all times. I may choose to not answer the phone if I am working.
  • I will be working as an exclusive 1-on-1 salon with my undivided attention for each of your pet(s).
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