Equipment Photos

Here's some of the equipment In-Dog-Neat-O uses:

K9II Variable Speed
Force Dryer

This dryer does not have a heating element however it will produce heat as the motors run for some time. It can go from a very low speed to an extremely high speed, allowing me to adjust it accordingly for your individual pet.

Prima Bathing

This specially designed shampoo system not only saves a ton of water in the shampooing department is saves on the cost of shampoos but adding pressure and air to increase not only the volume of shampoo we use but it helps to penetrate the coat better than using our hands.


We do not use muzzles on our dogs we have found many others ways to help relax a dog and to secure a dog with out the use of muzzles. We sometimes use a soft neck wrap like you may use on a plane or in a car on a long trip. See photo.

Our Tables

I use a Z-lift table that easily  hold 300lbs, it goes 12 inches from the ground and it goes 48” in the air and is extremely  sturdy so it does not tip over. We also use an overhead bar allowing us to use safety straps such as belly bands, this is great for old dogs, handicapped dogs, and scared dogs. We use  a groomer’s helper for the face to prevent not only dogs turning around to bite and to help them from falling off a table.

AEOLUS TD-906 Ionic Stand Dryer

This dryer is just that… It’s on a stand to free up both hands of the groomer allowing to fluff dry dogs that do not like the force of a dryer or when we need to brush and dry at the same time. It also has variable speeds and a temperature gauge.

UVC Sanitizing Lights

We have both lights for equipment and for the entire room. All of our combs, scissors, brushes, blades and more are put in these lights through out the day to keep them clean and sanitized for each pet and the room light is used at night for overall sanitation. This is above and beyond the regular cleaning done throughout the day and at the end of the night. Our tub is rinsed and sprayed with a cleaner after each dog.

Cleaning Protocols

We strive to have a clean shop. Some things we do, we spray our tables and tubs between each dog, our tools are cleaned and sanitized between pets, we vacuum nonstop, ( this does not mean shop will be hair free 24/7 but we stay on top of it as best as humanly possible.) We are cage and crate free but pet’s are still secured for their safety. A holding area and dog leash hooks keep them safe from running around or from contact with other pets.