Bath / Brush Out Includes:

All Prep Work: Pads, shaved out, ears cleaned and plucked (if required), sanitary clip, nails cut and/or dremeled, basic brushing & combing, reasonable de-matting*.

Anal Glands Expressed: We only do external expression of the glands and we will not force them, if they do not feel full we leave them alone if they are full and can not be easily expressed we will refer you to your veterinarian office as they do them internally and we do not want to cause any further issues for your dog. If we do express them it is followed up by a citrus shampoo to help the area smell fresh and clean and remove any residue from the expression.

Shampoo: (based on your pet’s skin and coat type) shampoo is brushed thoroughly through the coat, the only exception is if your dog is being treated for a skin infection, then we will carefully work the medicated shampoo through your dogs coat and it remain on the coated for suggested amount of time.

Conditioning Treatment: (not done on pet’s requiring medicated baths)

Complete Drying: Done by hand (we may use a house fan on your pet while sitting to keep them cool and dry any small areas they may not tolerate, such as their face) we may add some Conditioning or de-tangling spray if needed. * Please note we put cotton in your dog’s ears to help absorb the moisture from the bath and to dampen the noise from the dryer, occasionally we may forget to pull the cotton and we apologize for this if it happens cotton can easily just be pulled out if this happens.

Bath Dog Trims: Trimming of feet and feathers to breed standard, extra trimming of these areas or tightening up the outline of the dog is considered an outline trim.*

Full Grooming Service:

Includes all of the above and a complete haircut. Most breeds are done to breed standard or a puppy cut.*

De-matting Fees:

  • Reasonable de-matting is usually included in your B&B or Groom.
  • However extensive de-matting is done at a cost of $60 an hour and is only done if your pet can tolerate it. If your pet can not tolerate it whether due to biting or stressing out from the procedure the mats will need to be shaved out and in extreme cases your pet may need to be shaved down completely and start over.
  • Regular brushing and COMBING of your pet’s coat should be done in-between groom to prevent severe mats and to help keep your cost down and your pets experience more enjoyable.
  • Pets with extreme anxiety or pets with aggression issues may need to be medicated and you will need to talk to your veterinarian for suggestions.
  • We do not medicate pets under any circumstances, it is up to you and your veterinarian to do so.
  • We will not work on dogs that need to be muzzled start to finish, this is too high of a risk for everyone. We are a muzzle-free salon.

Puppy Cut:

Every groomer or shop may have their own version of what a puppy cut is, however it simply means that you want your pet’s coat to be an even one length all over, whether that is long or short and usually on dogs such as Bichons’ you want more of a puppy styled head not a show styled head.

This is the most common phrase groomers hear, “I just want a puppy cut!”

  • A puppy cut simply means one length all over. This can be very, very short but not shaved, or very long, and usually means you are looking for a shorter puppy looking face.
  • When you say “puppy cut,” we will need to know what length you are looking for and what type of face you want, round, square, or very short?
  • We will also need to know how you want the ears trimmed some people like long ears and some people like short ears.
  • If you are not sure feel free to leave it up to us to do what we think might work best with your pet’s particular coat.

Breed "Standard" or Breed "Specific" Cuts:

Trimming or styling the coat to what the AKC, UKC, and other professional purebred organizations have set as what is the correct coat style for your purebred dog.

Mixed breed, designer breeds, mutts, Heinz 57, and all other names can be used for breeds made up of 2 or more purebred breeds. However, there is NO breed “standard” for any of them including Goldendoodles. These great puppies and grown adult dogs are beautiful but each one may have a different coat depending on the parents and bloodlines. Some are curly, some are straight, some have undercoats and others don’t. So, we will work with you to achieve a look that you will love for your specific special furry friend.

Shaving Dogs:

A dog’s coat is designed for protection against cold/hot elements. We do not shave dogs unless no other option is available or a veterinarian has made the request.

Please note will not shave dogs unless medically necessary or if it is in the best interest of the pet due to age, medical, or severe matting. We will not shave a dog because you think it is HOT! Your dog’s coat was designed to protect them from hot and cold. Dogs do not sweat through their bodies only through the pads of their feet and by panting. Removing this coat will expose your dogs’ skin to the elements and cause them to get hot or cold faster putting them at risk. Dogs get sunburn, skin cancer, and other medical related problems when not properly caring for their skin and coat health.


Matts are formed from not brushing and combing your pet in between your grooms, no other reason. Mats are not from rain, swimming, playing, boarding, vacations, or waiting to long for an appointment. If you are brushing and combing your pet you should not have matts. As your groomer we are happy to teach you how to brush and comb and help you find the right tools for your pet’s coat, we can help you design a grooming schedule that will also help you maintain a healthy matt free coat. Some clients who get their dogs groomed every 6 weeks, will come in in three weeks for a brush and comb out or a bath / brush out to help from the matts gaining ground on you. De-Matting is $60/hour)

Outline Trim & Asian Fusion/Personal Cuts:

Outline Trim: This in when we tighten up the whole groom all over more than what a breed standard on such dogs as golden retrievers, Newfoundlands’ and other dogs of the type. This does require more clipper and or scissor work therefore there is an up charge for this service

Asian Fusion & Personal Choice Cuts: These are haircuts that do not fall under the typical grooming styles, they are exaggerated  or extreme designs to give your pet its own special look and style from mohawks, to short bodies with full heads and legs, etc. Fun ways and things we love to try ask more about this if you are interested in seeing some options.

Doodles, Doodles, & Doodles:

You have a mixed breed whether it be a Goldendoodle, Aussiedoodle, Cockapoo, or a double doodle or any other breed mixed with a poodle or other purebred dog, These breeds have no specific breed standard, therefore you have to decide on what you want your individual dog to look like and we will let you know if this is possible. Mixed breeds all have different coat types and body types, we will work with you on how to achieve your preferred look and the best way to maintain this look going forward.

Walk-In Services & Teeth Cleaning:

Walk in Services Include: Nail trims, dremeling of nails, shaving pads or hygiene/sanitary clips, checking and expressing anal gland if needed, eye of face clean up, and ear cleaning/plucking.

Teeth Cleaning; In-Dog-Neat-O does NOT offer teeth brushing or scraping of teeth. It would be wrong to charge someone for this service therefore I do not offer it because If your dog is only getting their teeth brushed when they see a groomer it is to no benefit other that temporally freshening their breath. Scraping should only be done by a trained professional such as your veterinarian or their veterinary technicians. We will tell you a clean healthy mouth is very important to your dog’s overall health.

(*) Some pets have a difficult time with force dryers around certain areas of their body, (head and face and sometimes their feet) we always try our best to make sure your pet is 100% dry, we even put cotton in their ears and sometimes add a “Happy Hoodie” over their head and ears to help lessen the noise and air flow into their ears. If necessary we will try to use alternative drying procedures when possible. However, some pets just can’t handle any of this and we may have to leave them slightly damp to do what is in their best interest.