At Home Tips

Your pet’s Thera-Clean Microbubble bath opened it’s pores and they now need to be protected against whatever is causing the skin problem. Below are a few tips to guide you towards healthy skin.

  • It starts with the food. Listen to your groomer/veterinarian’s advice on suggesting a proper diet for your pet.
  • Obtain a barrier between your pet’s skin (eg. T-Shirt). We find this type of barrier acts as a bandage so whatever is causing your pet’s skin conditions, such as allergens, the barrier protects the pores against
those triggers while your pet’s skin heals.
  • Clean bedding. Your pet’s bedding may be one of the triggers that is causing their skin condition. Please make sure that your pet’s bedding is cleaned on a regular basis and that your pet is not allergic to whatever you choose to clean it’s bedding with.
  • Find out all allergies your pet may have. The more you know the easier this will be for everyone – your groomer, your pet(s) and yourself.
    • Your pet may have allergies to outside environmental triggers (eg. grass, pollens, seasonal air pollutants). Avoid these triggers as much as possible while your regular Thera-Clean Microbubble bath helps improve your pet’s skin.
  • Stay on schedule with your groomers/veterinarian’s suggested Thera-Clean Microbubble baths. Skipping or ignoring these baths will only prolong your pet’s current skin condition.